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believe it or not
believe it or not

believe it or not

The idea in the Graphic Design course on the topic "Believe it or not" is focused in this project on the area of optical illusion. With the use of the design technique photography - portrait photography, the basic idea for the project is the topic "Genealogy and genealogy by DNA analysis" (VIDEO) By DNA analysis one can find out which ethnicities are still in our DNA. Many small portrait pictures of different people are put together like a mosaic so that in the end a large portrait of an individual is created.

The aim here is that all people of different ages and ethnicities should be addressed (topic DNA analysis / genealogy). At first, the viewer only recognizes a large portrait photo, but when looking closer, one can recognize it, that the large portrait photo consists of many small portrait photos. The poster series is a campaign development for the video "The DNA Journey – Who are you really? The message of the campaign is "It doesn't matter what age group, it doesn't matter where you come here. None of us know for sure. We are all one."

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